Recommendations From Immigrant Families for Culturally Responsive Educators

Laila Alamy


Research has shown that culturally responsive teaching is important and effective in and out of the classroom. This project is comprised of interviews of first and second-generation immigrant families in an effort to answer the question, In what ways do immigrants families feel educators can improve their practice to better support families and their child’s education? Findings are presented as recommendations from immigrant families for culturally responsive educators. These findings and the overall research process are shared via a personal teaching blog project. The most important conclusions of the study are related to common themes gleaned by analyzing the data collected through the interview process. Common themes include time schedule and conflicts, international travel, religious and cultural practices and observances, language, communication, and balancing multiple cultural identities. Important recommendations related to these themes are provided by participants and presented as part of the blog project. The blog project serves to document the research process and highlight the voices of first and second-generation immigrant families to serve as a resource for culturally responsive educators looking to expand their reflective process.