Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Maggie Struck

Content Expert

Julia Fung


The research question addressed in this capstone was, why it is important to provide an at-home learning tool for parents to help their child improve their Chinese language learning by connecting in-school learning with at-home reviewing materials. It will show that an online language learning website is a wonderful solution to this question. When parents set up an at-home routine for their child, it is easy for their child to transition the routine concept from home to school smoothly. The capstone project informed the creation of the language learning website. An at-home language learning website will be a transitional tool for students to make the connection with school learning at night, on the weekends, during vacations and when school is off. Also it will meet students’ learning needs. The purpose is to provide an at-home online language learning website for students to practice and review their language learning at home, because students need to practice the target language daily to achieve their academic learning goal. Parent involvement ensures that students will adapt, adjust and succeeding in the classroom and at home. There are seven themes in the website, which are Chinese Language, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies and Songs. Those seven themes are the same as the class schedule. Matching the website design with the curriculum design provides students and parents with an easy way to follow along on the website. It is important for parents to provide an opportunity for their child to practice or review their target language learning.

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Website creation


Foreign Language, Technology

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