Spring 2019


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Trish Harvey

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Kelli Jo Greiner


Medicare is the primary health insurance for retirees and those with disabilities in U.S. Currently there are tens of millions who access Medicare and its rate is projected to increase in the future. Medicare is composed of different Parts and there are rules for eligibility. Within the respective Parts a retiree needs to choose various options and as an additional layer, those Parts are offered by different insurers. Further, Medicare beneficiaries need to understand how the different Parts of Medicare work together and are financed, and who is responsible for paying for the different components and Parts. Retirees also need to have an understanding of the ramifications of their Medicare choices. This capstone addressed the question: What might an instructional healthcare curriculum for limited English proficient (LEP) adults who are retiring look like? The capstone describes the history of Medicare, communication practices for federal documents and specifically the Medicare & You handbook. The capstone delves into communication practices specifically for LEP retirees, LEP retirees’ engagement with the healthcare system and community-based adult education programs. Based on the need of providing a curriculum that started with foundational information and worked into higher-order processing, Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy was used as a framework for the lesson plan. The curriculum starts with beginning knowledge of Medicare and insurance terms and moves to higher levels of comparing and contrasting Medicare policies. While the curriculum was originally constructed for an audience of high intermediate LEP adults, it is believed that it may be expanded to include many in Medicare audience. The hope is that this curriculum can be used to assist retirees navigate the often confusing Medicare system.

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Curriculum, ESL/ ELLs, Social Justice, Retiree Learners








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