Spring 2019


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Field Guide Project

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Multicultural Education, Global Competence, Intercultural Communication, Peace Studies


As a teacher one of my primary responsibilities - is creating a world that is more compassionate and understanding. To support me in this effort this capstone project will explore the question: What components of a classroom project build intercultural communication between students of different countries, develops their sense of global competence, and promotes a mindset oriented towards peace? Exploring this question supports the development of four lesson plans to be utilized and adapted in elementary school classrooms in the United States and across the world. The lesson plans include formative assessment and each session should take a half hour, however these lessons could take place over the course of one to two months. These lessons engage students in intercultural communication (Mitchell & Benson, 2018) and the skills associated with global competence (Mansilla & Jackson, 2012), and provides students the opportunity to discover that they share common experiences with all people of the world. In these lessons students write, exchange, and reflect on letters written from students in different countries. Students prepare for, engage in, and reflect upon online video chats. In addition the students also make and share videos about a problem they want to solve in the world. By engaging in these forms of intercultural communication students are given the opportunity to utilize the competencies of global competence: investigating the world, recognizing perspectives, communicating effectively, and taking action. These are skills that students will need to create a world where there is greater cultural understanding and a reduction in global conflict and extremism. Furthermore, students will need these skills as the world is transformed by the flattened global economy, mass global migration, and the effects of climate change.

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Field Guide Project


Multicultural Education, Global Competence, Intercultural Communication, Peace Studies








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