Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Dr. Jennifer Carlson


School schedules and the study of advanced literature content often do not allow enough collaboration time to meet the unique learning needs of gifted elementary language arts students. The author’s guiding question to address this challenge was: how can I create and implement an effective online collaborative novel study unit for small groups of gifted language arts students? The literature review includes an examination of general literature circle models, including definitions and explanations of student and teacher roles; implications for integrating technology into literature circles; and an overview of several instructional models and lesson plan templates. Utilizing an online platform for collaborative literature circles is one method of helping meet the needs of gifted elementary language arts students when it is not possible to meet in face-to-face literature circle discussions. A Google Site was created as a platform to provide structure and interaction opportunities among students in an online literature circle format.

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Website creation


Literacy, Reading, Technology, Gifted Education

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