Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Kelly Killorn-Moravec


An outdoor education guidebook was developed to help teachers start outdoor education courses, increase student engagement, and develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills in students. Outdoor education is about much more than learning content information in a classroom; it is the class and teaching mindset which rekindles students’ passion for learning and discovery. Outdoor education best practice consists of place-based learning where students learn physical and mental skills with the outcome of success being directly related to those skills. Outdoor education will look different depending on location because it is influenced by local environmental, students, resources, and culture. The outdoor education guidebook is digital and consists of three parts: Part 1: Starting an outdoor education course, Part 2: Resources, and Part 3: Other teacher’s contributions. Part three of the guidebook can have a lasting impact on teachers and outdoor education in schools because as more teachers share ideas of what works in their location the more likely outdoor education can be successful elsewhere. In reflection outdoor education focuses on developing the whole person with students finding out more about themselves and how they connect to the community they reside in.

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Teacher guidebook


Curriculum, Environmental Studies, Physical Education, Science

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Education Commons