Fall 2018


Capstone Project

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Julianne Scullen

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Thatcher Szalay


This Capstone Project examines the connections between students’ use of various digital media, accompanying sedentary behavior, and the associated detrimental effects. Research has shown that excessive screen time and sedentary behavior can have a range of negative impacts on student development and progress. In a qualitative research method, the literature review shows physical activity as a mitigating factor to the negative effects of excessive screen time. This project grew from the research question: how can teachers use part of their instructional time in movement activities in order to improve student performance? Based on research that is beginning to suggest learning-skill specific activity, a collection of tools that begin with movement activities, progress to stretching routines, and expand with conditioning activities has been developed for K-12 teachers to use in their classrooms. Based on research, these activities can be targeted at learning capacities such as alertness, concentration, and reading skills. The project consists of a slide presentation which prepares K-12 teachers to lead 5 to 10-minute movement and stretching activity sessions in a progression that can be applied in age-group appropriate ways as determined by individual teachers. Also included are New York Times and BBC articles reporting on the most recent study stressing the dangers of screen time and benefits of exercise. A list of references with additional movement and stretching resources completes the project package. With this package, teachers can expect to improve overall student performance with a small amount of time spent in movement activities. With five to ten minutes out of a teaching hour spent in movement activity designed to enhance the learning capability necessary for that subject, teachers could expect a higher rate of return on the remaining time invested during that teaching hour. The learning capacities targeted with these specific movement activities are alertness, concentration, and reading performance.

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Professional Development


Achievement, Adult Education, Brain-based Learning, Interdisciplinary Teaching








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