Summer 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Kelly Killorn-Moravec

Content Expert

Irmgard Farah


Our society is experiencing an increase in problematic behaviors across the nation, specifically in the classroom. Newer teachers specifically have a difficult time with managing behaviors and with a lack of consistency and continuity, consequently problematic issues occur more frequently. The author therefore tried to answer the following question: What are effective behavior management techniques and how can schools implement them across the secondary level and engage all stakeholders consistently? The review of the literature determined that the best methods included rules/routines/procedures, student/teacher relationships, behavior specific praise, nonverbal communication and strategies for a culturally/linguistically responsive classroom. These were combined to create a yearlong Professional Development Plan with the consistent engagement of administration and teachers as well as students to reduce behavior incidents and create a positive environment.

Project Type

Professional Development

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Education Commons