Fall 2018


Capstone Project

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Maggie Struck and Patty Born Selly

Content Expert

Anna Parvi


This capstone project addresses the question, How can I create professional development for educators in order to support English Learner (EL) students from oral cultures? This project uses a series of frameworks and theories to provide the best comprehensive two-part professional development for educators supporting EL students from oral cultures. It is tailored to educators by recognizing their unique needs as adult learners who receive ongoing training in their field. By catering to adult learners and drawing from both EL best practices and culturally responsive teaching, this professional development offers educators insight and tools to implement when working with EL students from oral cultures. Students from oral cultures experience education differently due to their instinct to gravitate toward people, utilizing relationships and language to connect to others, instead of print. In order to properly support students from oral cultures, the PD offers a resource folder filled with different types of tools to utilize when working with students from oral cultures. The PD is structured to support educators as much as it is structured to support students, through direct modeling that educators can implement in their own classrooms. Key influences of this work are Walter J. Ong’s (2002) Orality and Literacy in addition to Dr. Andrea DeCapua’s (2011, 2009) work on EL students and Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE). This professional development is set up so educators can obtain skills that support students from oral cultures, implement said skills, collect data through student surveys, reflect upon their practices and set goals for future improvement.

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Professional Development


ESL/ ELLs, Multicultural Education, Teachers/ Teaching, Oral Cultures








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