Summer 2018


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Melissa Erickson

Content Expert

Jaime Morris


This project consists of an action plan developed for the purpose of guiding planning committees through the process of implementing a two-way immersion program rooted in best practices. The action plan lays out important key components that must be addressed within a two-way immersion program that is in its second year of implementation. It also provides a timeline for project completion, a section for action items to be addressed, sections to determine who is responsible for implementation of the action items and who will monitor the implementation of the items, and research to support the need for the program components listed. This project relates directly to the guiding question: How does a planning committee create culture change using best practices to implement and sustain a two-way immersion program? It offers a solution through the use of the action plan document. Although the action plan was created with a specific two-way immersion program in mind, it remains adaptable and easily lends itself to modification based on the needs of the user and the program. The idea is that a planning committee could use the document at any stage of implementation of a two-way immersion program and begin to make solid, research-based decisions for their program which, in turn, will affect culture change.

Project Type

Action Plan for Dual Language Education


ESL/ ELLs, Foreign Language, Multicultural Education, Dual Language Education

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Education Commons