Summer 2018


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Laura Halldin

Content Expert

Patrice St. Peter


The research question addressed in this project was, how can a self-selected reading or sustained, silent reading (SSR) program be implemented to improve its effectiveness and positively create a culture of independent readers? By looking at years of research surrounding SSR, and pragmatic practices, it outlines one teacher’s approach to revitalizing a stagnating independent reading program in a small alternative school setting. By using the foundational work of Pilgreen, Krashen, and others, he layed out a professional development series that called for systemic changes in the SSR initiative. This professional development is further carried into the school year through a literacy committee and the work to be done with students. Based off Pitcher et al., an online version of the Adolescent Motivation to Read Profile is used as an assessment to determine student interest and help staff guide students towards high-interest reading material. In order to gain access to that material, he describes different pathways, from partnerships to grant writing, in order to secure texts and help students engage in the transformational activity of reading. (175 words)

Project Type

Professional Development


At-risk Students, Literacy, Reading, Staff Development

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Education Commons