Summer 2018


Capstone Project

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Laura Halldin

Content Expert

Mei-Ying Lee


The research question addressed in this capstone is How to create SMART Board activities to engage students’ learning in Chinese immersion kindergarten. Through literature review and my personal experience as a Chinese immersion kindergarten, I find that SMART Board offers very interactive activities that can be very beneficial to young children in learning. That to be said, SMART Board has transformed a typical classroom into a stimulating and encouraging learning environment. The project for this research is a website of SMART Board activities that can be used and shared among Chinese immersion teachers, as well as students and parents who want to engage online learning after school. The website contains three subjects, they are Chinese language arts, math and health. Each subject includes some activities that I created and designed to fit into the kindergarten curriculum in my school district. The purpose for creating this website is to engage students learning, sharing with colleagues to enhance collaboration and to encourage parents involvement as well. For my further research, I will continue to collect more information about Chinese immersion students’ learning in different content areas.I plan to put other subject areas such as science,music or art on the website as well. I hope this website project will extend learning from a regular classroom to any place and any time. (220 words)

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Website Creation


Foreign Language, Multicultural Education, Teachers/ Teaching, Technology

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