Summer 2018


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Julianne Scullen

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Andreas Schramm


The purpose of this capstone project is to explore the available resources and research on teaching English to elementary students who have experienced traumatic situations or events. The guiding research questions for this project are: How do traumas and adverse experiences in English Language Learning (ELL) elementary students affect English language acquisition and general academic functioning, and how can I create mini-lessons, based on best practices, for elementary ELL teachers to teach ELL students with previous or ongoing traumatic or adverse experiences? Through the review of the literature on this subject, this capstone paper shows the glaring insufficiency of the current research on trauma interventions for elementary aged ELLs (English Language Learners). Using this research, WIDA English proficiency standards, and trauma-informed teaching standards, a project of mini-lessons was created targeted at teaching ELL students. The ten-lesson book is intended for grades kindergarten through fifth and includes lessons for all language levels. Each mini-lesson is intended to last only fifteen to twenty minutes, making the mini-lessons ideal for teachers who have a limited amount of time with ELLs throughout the school day. This resource can be used by teachers, social workers, school counselors and psychologists, and school administrators to help ELL students cope with traumatic events as they learn English. (209 words)

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