Summer 2018


Capstone Project

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Melissa Erikson

Content Expert

Jason Miller


This project sought to answer the question; how can the skills of artistic inquiry be taught in an Arts Magnet Foundation Class? This project covered the creation of a mental construct for artistic inquiry and development of the first three units of a twelve-unit curriculum. Initially the author established a six-phase model of artistic inquiry which was then implemented in the development of individual units. The six components include: question formulation, annotated research, proposal making, creating with intent, presenting in a public format, and reflecting on the work. Each unit focused on teaching and implementing one of the phases. The project was created to use a different art form in each set of lessons to engage a variety of student interests. The curriculum is designed using best practices in artist inquiry. This helps the students and gives the teachers in the program a mental construct of the artistic inquiry process as well as examples of possible work in their own classrooms.

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Art Education, Charter Schools, Curriculum, Learning Styles

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Education Commons