Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Dr. Jennifer Carlson

Content Expert

Chad Kreuser


Schools have endured a shift in regards to academic rigor and the amount of time spent in physical activity. In order to be a top academically performing nation, America has made academic rigor a priority. In order to accommodate the amount of content and rigor, cuts have typically been made to the amount of time spent in recess, physical education and health education classes. Another trend in America is the prevalence of mental health issues in children. When considering the cuts being made in education it is critical to acknowledge the repercussions they may have on mental health. This capstone reviews a plethora of literature to help answer the research question, Are primary schools incorporating enough movement into the day to maintain positive mental health in children? The literature connected the importance of physical activity in maintaining mental health. The research also expounded evidence that many schools are not meeting the physical activity recommendations by grade level.

Project Type

Positive Mental Health and Movement in Schools


At-risk Students, Character Education, Community Building, Physical Education, Mental Health

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Education Commons