Capstone Project Title

A Professional Development Toolkit For Literacy Educators To Integrate Indigenous Cultures Into The Classroom


Summer 2018


Capstone Project

Degree Name

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Melissa Erickson

Content Expert

Sophie Frank and Odia Wood-Krueger


The purpose of this project is to equip literacy educators with the knowledge and skills to choose authentic and representative Native American texts. The research question is: How can Indigenous cultures and languages be integrated into literacy instruction for middle school Indigenous students? This capstone reviews the themes North American historical trauma, integration of Indigenous cultures and language revitalization, and the work of Mary Hermes, an expert in the Native American revitalization and integration. The project is a professional development toolkit for literacy educators. The capstone project is a guide for literacy educators to create windows and mirrors for their students by building educators background knowledge, giving tools to help them choose authentic and representative Indigenous texts.

Project Type

Professional Development


Literacy, Social Justice, Teachers/ Teaching

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