Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Laura Halldin, Susan Manikowski


The research question addressed in this project was, how can professional development be provided to assist educators in working with refugees and immigrants who have experienced trauma? Hos, 2016; DeCapula, et al, 2011 concur that the number of refugees with trauma is on the rise throughout the world. Research by Hurley, et al, 2014 explains that previous research indicates that teachers have limited experience in working with refugees and trauma; there is a lack of training to support these students. My method of study was on the work on adult learning by Malcolm Knowles (2005). His work assisted me in the creation of my professional development workshop. This workshop consists of a five-session workshop for educational practitioners. The workshop provides background information on refugees and immigrants and the trauma they may have experienced, as well as the educational implications it can have on a student. A vital component of this workshop is providing information on creating a trauma sensitive-school through the use of videos, discussions, and a blog. It concludes with a presentation of the resources, materials, and a website needed to work with refugees and immigrants. This workshop, resources, and the website are just the beginning of the resources and training schools and staff need to support students in trauma.

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Professional Development



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Education Commons