Spring 2018


Capstone Project

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Patty Born Selly


The research question in this paper and project asks the question: How does Exploration Time in the classroom affect students’ thinking skills? Through this capstone, critical, creative, and design thinking skills are researched, along with Makerspace and Genius Hour to create a guidebook for establishing Exploration Time and guide students through the process in four phases. The teachers are also provided options using Visible Thinking Routines to identify students’ thinking. Phase One centered on Makerspace to create an environment where students can explore and find their interests. To better guide teachers, activities during Makerspaces were aligned with Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. Once the students identify their interests, they move on using the Genius Hour philosophy in creating a project. Phase Two centered on research and defining a question. Phase Three is the creation of the project using the Design Thinking Process and Phase Four is the presentation and reflection.

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Makerspace, Genius Hour, Thinking Skills, Design Thinking Process, Multiple Intelligences

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Education Commons