Spring 2018


Capstone Project

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Julianne Scullen

Content Expert

Kathleen Eikens


The research question addressed by this project is “Can growth mindset concepts be embedded into a middle school literature curriculum and instruction, while maintaining rigor and alignment with ELA standards?” The purpose of investigating this question was to determine if it is possible to merge growth mindset concepts with the current standards to help students engage in more relevant, critical thinking activities. Inspired by the research conducted by Carol Dweck, this project reviewed the studies of numerous experts in the field in order to create a supplemental curriculum that can be used with any middle school literature unit. The research findings focused on growth mindset practices, resilience, perseverance, motivation, and achievement. The materials created for this project provide ELA educators new methods to help their students engaged with texts in a meaningful way. This work outlines the thinking behind the project, the methods for creating the materials, and how the project was implemented.

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Reading, Middle School Literature, Growth Mindset

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Education Commons