Spring 2018


Capstone Project

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Patty Born Selly

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Kari Tennis


As the United States is becoming more diverse, so are our classrooms. Experts in the field of multicultural education agree that educators need to consider multiple perspectives, while teaching, in order to develop meaningful curriculum for all students. Therefore, the researcher aimed to design curriculum that supports the benefits of multicultural education and answers the research question: How can I change the current 6th grade Minnesota Studies curriculum to meet the needs of the changing, diverse population in a metro area middle school? The author shares of her personal experiences related to multiculturalism, which lacked diversity during her school career. Next, the concept of multiculturalism was researched by exploring the history of multicultural education alongside key terms such as culture, ethnicity, race, and diversity. To support this research, multicultural curriculum that integrates student’s cultural and racial experiences was created. The curriculum was designed in a backward approach using the Understanding by Design model from Wiggins and McTighe. An example of how to implement multicultural curriculum into all units of study is provided through the overview and sequence of one unit in addition to four showcased lessons. Resources, such as graphic organizers, simulations, investigations, and research-based strategies are included to aid middle school social studies teachers in implementing multicultural curriculum.

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Curriculum, Multicultural Education, Teachers/ Teaching

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Education Commons