Capstone Project Title

Emotional, Social, And Academic Impacts On Students


Spring 2018


Capstone Project

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Patty Born Selly

Content Expert

Christina A. Palmisano


This capstone focused on teaching literacy standards to third graders, through the use of outdoor, life science concepts. It looks at the importance of children gaining a love and appreciation for the natural world before they can become stewards in environmental

education. It provides a way for teachers to feel confident to not only serve as role- models for the environment but to also teach their students science concepts as well. It

also looks at a variety of ways that teachers can utilize their schoolyard to be able to bring their students outside. The curriculum focuses on the biomes of Minnesota and the animals that inhabit them. Each lesson incorporates an outdoor component that allow students to develop an appreciation and connection to the natural world around them. The outdoor activities allow the students to participate in games, observations, creating, journaling, and just spending time outside. The learning will continue in the classroom through reading a variety of nonfiction texts about both Minnesota’s animals and habitats. They will build on that appreciation and connection, to conduct an animal research report of an animal found in Minnesota using the research skills that they have gained from the non-fiction, literacy lessons.

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outdoor education, environmental education, Into the MN Wilderness

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