Spring 2018


Capstone Project

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Julianne Scullen

Content Expert

Charlene Gray


The purpose of this Capstone project is to discover Habits of Mind (Costa & Kallick, 2008) can be incorporated with comprehension strategies into language arts curriculums for elementary teachers. The project also explores underlying themes of growth mindsets (Myers, Wang, Black, Bugescu, & Hoeft, 2016) and connectivism (Bell, 2011). The project consists of a literature review and the creation of a matrix with an accompanying curriculum guide. Motivating students through a growth mindset has been shown as a research-based way to increase achievement. With an increase in students reading in a digital format, strategies within comprehension and ways students access this information is different than in the past. Connectivism (Bell, 2011) is associated with different ways of learning, how this relates to digital text, and how explicit teaching strategies for comprehension are needed to help students understand in this way. The sixteen Habits of Mind are ways students can self-regulate their learning. Combined with comprehension strategies matched to common core standards, students can use Habits of Mind for increasing their comprehension from a text. This project is meant a resource and enhancement to existing language arts curriculums.

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Brain-based Learning, Literacy, Motivation, Technology

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Education Commons