Spring 2018


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Patty Born Selly

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Tyler Flory


The research question addressed in this project was, how can educational assistants increase their self-efficacy of established classroom management strategies at an urban charter school? The project documents the creation of a quick reference guide for educational assistants (E.A.s) in a local education agency (LEA) on the topic of classroom management. The project uses the two established classroom management systems already in use in the LEA as its base. The quick reference guide is designed in such a way that E.A.s can reference it on the go, take it home to study, and practice the skills in real-time, giving them opportunities to build their self-efficacy with these systems. The author was influenced by the work of Brock & Carter, specifically around the training and professional development of E.A.s. In addition, the work of Bandura was tantamount to the success of this capstone, since his groundbreaking work concerning self-efficacy was central to the research question. Finally, Prothero and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS) proved to be a valuable resource. The data compiled each year on the growth of charter schools added some much needed hard numbers to the discussion of charter school growth, as well as the challenges faced by this burgeoning group of schools. The author synthesized the findings from the literature review and found that the training, education, and experience of E.A.s is inconsistent, teacher self-efficacy can impact student achievement, charter schools continue to grow in the U.S. (despite a variety of challenges), and classroom management is a serious challenge facing teachers.

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Professional Development


Charter Schools, Classroom Management, Staff Development, Self-efficacy








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