Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Laura Halldin


After the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump, many of my elementary refugee, immigrant, and native-born English Learners (ELs) became distraught with the safety of their future in the United States, and that of their family and friends. In my school building, EL students were negatively acting out both socially and academically. Our mainstream and EL teachers, along with administration, struggled to help this traumatized population. Determining the need for a readily available web-based resource was an efficient method to get much needed, research-based, information into the hands of concerned teachers. The website was created for educators and administrators as a resource to aid the creation of a trauma-aware classroom and school environment. My goal for the website was for its utilization by anyone who has a stake in the education of traumatized immigrant, refugee, and native-born EL students. The research-based web design was created using a school district website. The website included several links to different types of trauma in refugee, immigrant, and mainstream students. In addition, refugee and immigrant vetting processes for admission to the United States are addressed, as well as various cultural profiles and community-based organizations for emergency, health and outreach. Resources provided may be referenced by local, state, and national educators and administrators.

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Foreign Language, Literacy, Reading

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Education Commons