Capstone Project Title

Incorporating National Urban Alliance Strategies In A High School Biology Classroom Curriculum To Increase The Success Rate For Students Of Color


Spring 2018


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Susan Manikowski


The purpose of this project was to research and develop curriculum that incorporated National Urban Alliance (NUA) strategies to increase the success rate for students. It documents one teacher’s experience with severe inequities in her classroom and how she began to eliminate the tracked classes in her high school. The developed project is focused on a high school cell biology unit with various NUA strategies built-in. The author explains in great detail how the curriculum was developed and how culturally relevant teaching is a necessity for all learners. She explains that with the use of appropriate strategies, all students can learn at a high level and with a great deal of rigor. The project includes 13 lessons and a slide presentation that is aligned with the Minnesota State Science Standards.

Project Type



Curriculum, Science, Social Justice

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