Student Engagement Through Character Counts!® Morning Meeting


Spring 2018


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Patty Born Selly

Content Expert

Kristy Flescher


The research question addressed in this project was: How would using critical literacy and metacognition within the Character Counts!® Six Pillar Morning Meeting format improve students’ engagement grades three through five? Based on findings, the author developed a website that integrated three areas: critical literacy, Character Counts!® Six Pillars and metacognition. The website’s purpose is to give educators a resource centered around Character Counts!® Six Pillars while using a critical lens and build student metacognition skills that help increase students engagement. The author documents findings of a literature review that were based on character education, critical literacy and metacognition skills, as well as, focused on developmentally appropriate instruction for grades three through five. Furthermore, best practices for student engagement/motivation and what happens to schools when character education isn’t part of the curriculum were included. Through the development of the educator resource, the author found that Character Counts!® was compatible with metacognition and critical literacy. All complemented one another and supported: the importance of building community, being aware of one’s thinking, and having tough conversations regarding social issues. The author also found that when students are explicitly taught: how their brain works, how to view the world from multiple perspectives, and practice Character Counts!® Six Pillars, this can increase student engagement. An outline of the framework used, method choice, rationale, setting, demographics and participants involved in the implementation of this project were communicated. The author ends with reflecting on the project process, limitations of website and next steps in using the project within their district.

Project Type

Website Creation


Character Education, Motivation, Staff Development








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