Fall 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Michelle E Benegas

Content Expert

Lisa Borg


The research question addressed in this project was: Why do some Somali parents refuse ESL services for their qualifying children? With a goal to start the conversation on what we can do as educators, to reduce the instances of parents declining services for their children. The refusal of service can potentially hinder their success in school. Three adults from the Somali community were interviewed. The findings suggest that, not all Somali parents have adequate information about the importance of ESL services in their children's' schools and in turn do not see the benefits. My conclusion after this study is that as an EL teacher, I need to do more to reach out to the parents beyond the written reports sent home. Implications for future research include a more in-depth study to include more diversity and reach out to more parents.

Project Type

Professional Development


ESL/ ELLs, Literacy, Parent Involvement, Reflective Practice

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Education Commons