Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Patty Born Selly

Content Expert

Kara Abbatello


This project explores the research question “ How can creating a curriculum that fosters student creativity through authentic learning projects enhance instruction in the digital age?” The idea for this research started when the author was teaching in public school and it became more about the test and less about the students. Research about brain development, choice theory, constructivism and project based learning has lead to the development and creation of a student centered, authentic learning curriculum. The curriculum created is focused on an 8th grade technology design class that is at an International Baccalaureate private school in California. The curriculum created by the author focuses on a variety of units that students will have opportunities to take throughout the year. Within the curriculum, students will have opportunities to make the learning more personal as well as learn the skills that are needed for their future. The project concludes with a reflection on the project and what the future holds for the educational field.

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Curriculum, Interdisciplinary Teaching, Technology, Project Based Learning

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Education Commons