Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Patty Born Selly

Content Expert

Thomas Krueger


Trauma brought about by war and displacement impacts all affected people in lasting ways; however, its effects can often be felt most by the children exposed to it. This project examines the impacts of trauma experienced through the process of being a refugee, specifically focusing on children who have fled the violence in Syria since 2011. An extensive review of literature on the topic is present in the paper, which has been

turned into a professional development presentation. The aim was to create a three- module professional development presentation that could better prepare teachers in the

United States who may have Syrian students arriving in their classrooms in the future. The first module raised awareness on the common situations being faced by refugees from Syria, while focusing specifically on the impacts of the disruption in education and traumatic experiences facing the youth. The second module examines the situation within Syria now and before the war, as well as discusses the educational opportunities available to refugee children in three neighboring countries that also happen to host the largest numbers of Syrian refugees: Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. The third and final module looks at the challenges and barriers to the successful educational resettlement of refugees, and the role that educators could have in making the transition easier for students.

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Professional Development


At-risk Students, Refugee education, trauma

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Education Commons