Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Laura Halldin

Content Expert

Lesa Covington Clarkson


The teaching of mathematics in the United States is biased, unjust, and racist. It pretends to be a politically neutral subject despite its inherent white supremist structures and systems. Three main structural component of mathematics education support White Supremacy and need to be dismantled and restructured: inequitable access, the dehumanization of students, and the emphasis of the individual. Mathematics education can be a venue for political resistance to White Supremacy. This project outlines a yearlong advanced algebra curriculum that is rooted in student voice, community engagement, and social connection and includes: essential foundational work, curriculum design, a pacing guide, course-learning targets, Minnesota state mathematics standards, and a five-step framework. Society is in great need of a future generation that is equipped to take on the challenges created by our unjust systems and unbalanced power structures. My project aims to create a curriculum that honors students’ humanity and the community. We have an obligation to provide an education to our students that develops their critical consciousness and their capacity to actively engage in justice work to better their community.

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Brain-based Learning, Curriculum, Mathematics, Social Justice

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Education Commons