Fall 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Laura Halidin

Content Expert

Anita Gibson


This capstone project was created to increase student knowledge of sexual health topics through engaging parents and children in conversation. While most parents wanted to be the primary source of information on sexual health for their student, they did not engage in effective communication about sexual health topics. This lead me to the following research question: How can creating conversation guides on sexual health topics can help parents communicate more effectively? Using Family Communication Patterns Theory and Adult Learning Theory I developed concrete and scaffolded communication structure focused on practicing communication skills. I created a 3-part parent presentation series on sexual health education and 4-part conversational guide series focused on puberty. The project helps parents and children build a solid foundation for effectively communicating about sexual health topics.

Project Type

Conversation Guides and Parent Education


Adult Education, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Parent Involvement, Sexual Health Education

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Education Commons