Fall 2017


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Trish Harvey

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Frederic Bordaguibel


This paper outlines the need for, and the creation of, ten lesson plans designed to teach the nature of science in an integrated fashion in the IB chemistry curriculum. The nature of science is necessary not just to prepare students to answer experimental questions on the IB exam, but also to answer new questions about chemistry and science throughout their lives. Simply using an inquiry approach is insufficient to teach the nature of science; it must be explicitly taught with varying degrees of contextualization to maximize student learning. Like all content areas, the nature of science should be taught in a lesson sequence that includes a clear goal, activates prior knowledge, contains the necessary new information as well as opportunities for practices, an assessment of the learning goal, and contains an emphasis on building academic language. Through this research-based approach, these ten lessons were created and then placed a Google Blogger site that was linked to MyIB, so as to promote collaboration with other IB chemistry teachers in order to optimize the lesson plans.

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Curriculum, International Teaching, Science, Teachers/ Teaching

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