Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Susan L. Manikowski

Content Expert

Leigh Anderson


The research question discussed in this project is what impact does access to Spanish books at their level and time to read Spanish books of their choice have on elementary students' language development and fluency? In includes a review of literature and research on the values of stories, comprehensible and compelling language input, and Free Voluntary Reading (FVR). The project consists of a teacher’s creation of two Spanish chapter books written for elementary students studying Spanish as a second language. The purpose was to expand the repertoire of available literature for elementary Spanish students in an attempt to promote FVR in language classrooms. Conclusions from the research and project creation include: 1) despite the challenges in building a classroom library, FVR is a highly valuable method for improving students’ literacy and language proficiency in all languages; 2) there is a need for more comprehensible and compelling texts written for learners of all ages studying a variety of languages.

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Book Manuscripts


Foreign Language, Literacy, Reading

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