Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Trish Harvey

Content Expert

Jennifer Lacher-Starace


The purpose of this professional development plan is to provide disciplinary literacy instruction support for content area teachers at the middle level. The inspiration for the research was the author’s desire to discover and share how content area literacy is critical to student learning. In-depth research in physical, emotional, and social adolescent development, literacy strategies, disciplinary literacy strategies, and professional development practices drove the findings to create a professional development plan that is built-in and sustainable. Teachers can use the online professional development resource collaboratively in order to determine literacy goals, write lesson plans, and incorporate literacy strategy instruction into the content area classroom. This professional development plan includes meeting agendas for a full year of professional development, fast feedback forms, lesson plan templates, strategy descriptions, and strategy resources to provide support for teachers to implement disciplinary literacy strategies.

Project Type

Professional Development


Curriculum, Literacy, Staff Development, Teachers/ Teaching

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Education Commons