Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Laura Halldin


The research question addressed in this curriculum design project was: How can I redesign a current second grade literature unit by integrating explicit comprehension strategy instruction while maintaining a focus on meaningful interaction with text? It documents one teacher’s foray into the field of reading research, beginning with the historical and theoretical underpinnings of reading comprehension and then moving onto how research on proficient readers has impacted current views on effective reading comprehension instruction. The literature unit that was designed focuses on key strategies used by proficient readers including activating and building schema, making connections, visualizing, inferring, and summarizing. The most important insight gained through this capstone process is that explicit instruction in cognitive strategies is beneficial to all students, but that the focus of reading must remain on meaningful engagement and interaction with high-quality texts. Reading strategies are important, but they must not overshadow the true goal of reading – the creation of meaning.

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Curriculum, Literacy, Reading

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