Fall 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Trish Harvey

Content Expert

Barbara Duffrin, Aracely Thomas


This project shares the journey of a white educator towards greater cultural competence, and provides guidance for those beginning an equity journey. It was developed as a series of five, one-hour professional development sessions with supplementary materials. The project was created to address gaps in education for a school district increasing in diversity, but without an equity framework or district-wide initiative that addressed educational equity. The professional development sessions are intended for small groups of educators at the secondary level who have little to no experience with concepts of educational equity. Each session uses concepts in culturally responsive teaching to address a theme: awareness of personal culture, changing district demographics, color blindness, white privilege, and windows and mirrors in curriculum and products. Following best practices in adult learning and professional development, each session offers participants opportunities to engage in active learning, discussion and reflection. Session content is immediately applicable to educators’ work in building stronger relationships with students and developing an increased sense of personal awareness. In this project and its accompanying capstone, all good people are invited to meet here, at the intersection of research, education, compassion and humanity; to make a difference for all students.

Project Type

Professional Development


Adult Education, Staff Development, Equity

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Education Commons