Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Trish Harvey

Content Expert

Danielle Oelschlager


The homeless highly mobile (HHM) student population can easily be overlooked and begin to fall through the cracks within the school system. As a result, the achievement gap for this vulnerable population has grown at a disproportionate rate. Because of this, the author’s research question was: How can schools streamline academic success for homeless highly mobile (HHM) students? An examination of existing studies and literature demonstrates that the issue of the HHM student population having an achievement gap can be seen in schools across the country. However, research does show that there are strategies and resources for schools to implement, so that HHM students have their needs met and become more successful in their academics. A professional development (PD) series was created for teachers and schools to recognize their HHM students, empathize with them, then come up with a strategy to increase their academic performance overall.

Project Type

Professional Development


Achievement, At-risk Students, Grades/ Student Performance, Teachers/ Teaching

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Education Commons