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One of the biggest challenges for teachers today is the need to improve student achievement. Schools are pressured by the government to demonstrate increased student achievement and schools pressure teachers for these results. There is also growing public sentiment that students should receive environmental education in public schools. This study investigates the use of technology to enhance environmental literacy. Teachers have access to more tools than ever before and these tools can be used to motivate students which will allow for more effective teaching. To test this idea, students completed two units in an environmental science course. One of the units was taught with traditional methods and assessments. The second unit included the use of technology for presentation, research, and assessment. The students then completed a survey with an equal amount of questions from each unit and the average scores on the two sections were analyzed. The students were juniors and seniors in a first ring suburb with a distribution of skill levels, ethnicity, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The information from this study will demonstrate how technology can be integrated into a unit of study and how it affects student achievement and motivation.