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Differences between curriculum-based service-learning and off-campus service-learning opportunities based on students' reflections on their experiences





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The research question addressed in this project was, how do curriculum-based service-learning opportunities and off-campus (student chosen) service-learning opportunities differ in students' reflections on their experiences? Key influences for this project were the author's personal belief of social justice education for all students and the importance of service-learning in the high school setting. Through a qualitative research method the author created questionnaires and discussion questions, and conducted a group interview with high school students. Students were able to report on their service-learning experiences through reflection. Results of study showed no conclusive data on the differences between curriculum-based and off-campus service-learning. However, three themes emerged from this study for students at this high school: students need to understand the meaning and benefits of service-learning, students need more opportunities to complete service-learning projects, and students need more choice in deciding where to complete projects.

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