Developing the entrepreneurial mindset and toolkit of the secondary student: an entrepreneurship education curriculum





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The research question addressed in this project was, what should an entrepreneurship education curriculum for secondary students, grades 9-12, consist of in order to increase students' entrepreneurial understandings and action? The motivation for pursuing this capstone was the author's dissatisfaction with existing entrepreneurship education curriculum as resources for training and apprenticeships at social enterprises. Existing curricula often do not sufficiently prepare students for the dynamism, challenges, risk, and unpredictability of the entrepreneurial process or the 21st century workplace. These curricula are also too formulaic and separated from real business contexts. The author provides history and definitions of entrepreneurship, and examines the state of entrepreneurship education including secondary-level curriculum examples. Using this research as a foundation, the author adapts Understanding by Design approach to develop a 12-session entrepreneurship curriculum for primarily non-traditional education settings.

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