Parents' motivation to seek immersion education for their children and its impact





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The research questions addressed in this project were, what motivates parents to choose immersion education for their children and, what impact do parents see immersion education having on their children. It documents the experiences of four families who have chosen immersion education for their child/children. It also includes the author's experience of raising his daughter bilingually and her beginnings in an immersion school. The key influences for this capstone was a former professor who raised his children to be tri-lingual and inspired the author to do the same with his daughter. The author documents the families' responses to a series of common questions and concludes that: 1) parents' motivation to enroll their children in an immersion setting varies greatly from family to family and 2) there are commonalities in students' use of the target language outside of school and the increase in cultural awareness witnessed amongst students attending immersion schools.

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