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Instructional methods in the kindergarten classroom: where we have been and where we are going





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The research question addressed is: why are schools using less developmentally appropriate instructional methods in the kindergarten classroom? A qualitative interview process is used to gain insights from veteran teachers and administrators on instructional practice in kindergarten. The author focuses on three research facets in relation to the kindergarten classroom: developmentally appropriate practices, managed instruction, and thematic learning. These facets lay the foundation to argue that thematic learning provides the most developmentally appropriate approach to teaching kindergarten. Through the interview process, the author learns that there is a clear lack of communication among teachers and administrators about best instructional practices for the kindergarten classroom. Kindergarten committees comprised of teachers and administrators can bridge the communication gap and make decisions based on feedback from both teachers and administrators. The research concludes that kindergarten instruction needs to use thematic learning in order to provide the most developmentally appropriate experience.

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