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Curriculum design that combines an organized scaffold system with tiered introductory lessons to support behavior management of a high school biology course





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The research question addresses the elements of an organized scaffold system that supports behavior management of high school students during an introductory Biology unit of tiered lessons and assignments. This capstone details reasoning to support the development of the introductory Biology unit plan, which is included in the appendices.The motivating factor includes the desire to develop a curriculum that supports the successful global competition of inner city students based upon my childhood and teaching experience of urban education in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. The paper examines several pieces that must be integrated into a curriculum that offers academic success to the students and teachers alike. This capstone includes a complete three week introductory set of lesson plans for Biology. The paper discusses the importance of classroom aesthetics, including preparation for first day of class, behavior management techniques and strategies, and the specifics of implementing the detailed curriculum.

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