Building parent-school partnerships that improve kindergarten readiness for immigrant and English learner students





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The research question addressed in this capstone is: how can educators effectively partner with parents and guardians to exchange information and resources that improve kindergarten readiness in English learners and immigrant students? This capstone documents interviews with immigrant and/or English learner families on the topic of increasing kindergarten readiness. The author outlines ways to boost kindergarten readiness by addressing two main methods: increasing access of formal preschool programs and improving the quality of learning that occurs in family, friend, and neighbor care. The capstone includes analysis of six parent perspectives on the issue. Finally, the author compares the parent perspectives with the existing body of research about kindergarten readiness, access of formal preschool and quality of family friend and neighbor care programs, and ways to build parent-school partnerships. The capstone concludes with suggestions for the school of study and further research to bring new voices to academic and policy decisions.

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