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Resilience factors in urban special educators





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The present study qualitatively examined the factors special educators in an urban setting attribute to promoting and hindering their resiliency. Special attention was paid to how the practitioner's critical incidents related to resiliency influenced those factors. Focus groups were used with 6 participants. A Critical Incidents Factors Questionnaire was used. The focus group interviews were analyzed using a qualitative methodology where common themes were found. From the data, 9 themes emerged, which were condensed into 2 domains: Factors Promoting Resiliency and Factors Hindering Resiliency. The two domains with their underlying themes are presented and summarized. After the themes emerged, the participants rank ordered the factors that they contributed to promoting and hindering their own resiliency from greatest impact to least. The results suggest that resiliency is incredibly important to the participants' professional and personal lives.

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