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How can service-learning be integrated into an advanced placement curriculum





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The research question addressed is, how can service-learning be integrated into an Advanced Placement Government curriculum? The motivating factor for this capstone was the struggle for students to find relevance in the Advanced Placement government curriculum. This capstone details the positives and negatives of incorporating service-learning into the curriculum. Students spend most of the two-trimester class preparing for the examination. A key influence for this capstone was the results of an informal poll I took every year. I asked the students if they would consider service as a possible career choice. It was very evident that though the students were performing well on their examinations, they were not making a strong connection between what they learned and civic engagement. Service-learning provides opportunities for authentic experiences and connects civics across the curriculum. The author develops an integrated service-learning lesson that will be taught to high school Advanced Placement Government students.

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