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How can an artist's/writer's workshop unit for primary students be developed that incorporates artistic expression and results in richer, more creative writing?





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Respected and renowned leaders across the country are recognizing creativity as an essential component of our wellbeing and economy. An abundance of research exists attesting to the positive impacts the arts have on student creativity and academic performance. Yet art programs are dwindling in many schools today in order to devote more time to standardized testing preparation. Integrating art into other subjects in meaningful ways encourages students to see, think, and problem-solve in creative ways. In an attempt to integrate art and writing, I have created an Artist's/Writer's Workshop unit. Students learn how artists and illustrators communicate mood by drawing facial expressions and using color intentionally. They draw and paint a Pablo Picasso Self-Portrait and write a Five Senses Color Poem. This process of integrating art and writing allows emergent writers to write with greater ease and enjoyment. It inspires students to write with greater detail, description and creativity.

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