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An investigation of the effects of brain gym balances on the self-reported test anxiety scores of urban high school students





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The research question addressed in this project was, how do Brain Gym balances affect the self-reported test anxiety and GRAD Reading scores of urban high school students? The motivating factor for choosing this topic was the opportunity to explore the efficacy of an educational technique that has historically lacked quantitative research, Brain Gym, as applied to a problem that has been well researched and documented, test anxiety. Spielberger's Test Anxiety Inventory was used to assess the test anxiety of 26 participants, 11 of which then engaged in a Brain Gym balance. Students that engaged in a Brain Gym balance showed a 10.3% decrease in test anxiety, while students in the control group showed a 3.7% increase in test anxiety. No significant difference was observed in the reading scores of the test and control groups. The small sample size was the primary limitation of the study.

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