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The role of culture in foreign language education: how it is taught and assessed





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This project investigated how foreign language teachers integrate the study of culture into their classrooms. The author researched the relationship between the study of language and the study of the both corresponding culture and the culture of the learner. She specifically looked at their interdependence and how this dynamic is seen in the classroom. To investigate this relationship she interviewed foreign language teachers who explored this connection. The results of this study highlight key methods including: authentic materials, culturally responsive pedagogy, technology, thematic units, and sociocultural strategy training, a method discussed by Savignon and Sysoyey (2005). Assessment methods included performance-based assessment such as role-play, skits, conversations, discussion, and debates. The author concluded that while there are many valid methods for integration, the role of culture in the foreign language classroom is undeniable the two must be taught simultaneously, all while developing the students' awareness of their own individual cultures.

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