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Sibling perceptions of amicable parental divorce: a case study





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The research question was, how do divorced families describe factors contributing to long-term amicable family relationships? This case study/participant research involved the siblings of the researcher. Three siblings were interviewed to learn how they experienced their parents' divorce and their subsequent feelings as adults about marriage and divorce in general. The author felt her parents had an amicable divorce compared with her own divorce and wanted to learn if her siblings' experience was similar to hers while growing up as a child of divorce. Little research deals with amicable divorces and sibling perceptions of divorce, so this teacher wanted to study her own siblings and add to the literature. Documented in this capstone are the author's experiences growing up in a divorced home, experiencing divorce in her own marriage, and the analysis of her siblings' experiences. She found they shared many similar experiences but also had unique memories or perspectives on being children of divorce. In addition, she describes ideas for future research and how educators can use this information to help children in their classrooms who have experienced parental divorce.

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